GPX Binder Help
GPX Binder a viewer and editor of .gpx files.
 How to import GPX Files
 How to edit points
 How to import Photos
 How to put Waypoints

 Work with SRTM
 Manage Map Sources


GPX Binder is a very Intuitive application to view and edit your GPS log datas (GPX/KML files). Of course you can see tracks on map, but also it provide you a easy way to edit points. (move, delete, and add)
In addition, by importing pictures It calculates longitude and latitude and show them on the map.

You will be able to undo / redo indefinitely your any operations, so you can edit your tracks as you like without worry you break them.

[Main Features]
  • Load GPX/KML files and display as tracks on the map.
  • Move, delete and add points on tracks.
  • Subdivide and connect tracks.
  • GPX Binder can calculate the location where they taken and show them on the map by timestamps. And write geotags into the original Photo files.
  • Add Waypoints to tracks.
  • Export tracks as GPX/KML/KMZ files.。
  • indefinitely undo/redo.

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