GPX Binder Help
GPX Binder a viewer and editor of GPX Files.
 How to import GPX Files
 How to edit points
 How to import Photos
 How to put Waypoints

 Work with SRTM
 Manage Map Sources

  1. Track List
    It shows all tracks imported into the file. If you want to import log files, drag & drop them into here. The track selected on this list is called "Active Track".

  2. Map
    It is the main workspace of GPX Binder. Tracks, Photos, and Waypoints of active track are shown in this area. You can chose Map source by using "Map" menu.

  3. Graph
    It shows a distance vs elevation graph of active tracks. You can also select point by click on this area.

  4. Point List
    It shows the list of points contained in active track. You can switch which type of point (tracks, photo or waypoints) is shown on Map area by switching the buttons put above this list.

  5. Point Information
    It shows detail informations of selected points. If single photo is selected, a preview image will be shown in this area.

  6. Mode Switch Button
    You can switch between View mode and Edit mode by using this button. If you want to make any change to tracks (move points, import photos, and so on), you should switch into Edit mode.

  7. Tools
    You can chose a tool you want to use. You can only select Arrow tool on View mode. On Edit mode, you can also elect Select tools and Edit Track tools.

  8. Layer Toggle Button
    You can switch show or hide of points, photos and waypoint on Map by using this switch.

  9. Views Toggle Button
    You can switch show / hide of Track List, Graph and Point List by using this buttons. By hiding unneeded area, you can get larger workspace for editing.

  10. Active Track Informations
    It shows name, time and distance of Active Track. You can confirm which track is active by using this area.

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