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Putting Waypoints
Waypoints are landmarks which you can put freely on the map.

How to put Waypoints
Select "New Waypoint" item from "Waypoint" menu, or press W key on your keyboard. icon is put on center of the map. Then double click it to specify the name.

Moving and Deleting Waypoints
You can move or delete photos on the map by the same way to edit points. You can also use Rectangular Marquee Tool and Lasso Tool for selecting.

Tips:If other layers (points and photos) obstruct selecting operation, use Visible of Views Switch Buttons in order to hide other layers.

Special functions for Waypoints
You can use special functions by using action menu () under the Waypoints List.
・New Track with Selection
This function creates a new track with selected waypoints and add it to the Track List.

・Edit Information…
This function will show a dialog for editing informations of selected waypoint. You can edit items below.
  • Name:Name of this waypoint.
  • Date: Date when the point was recorded.
  • Elevation: Elevation at this point. The unit of length is meter.
  • Description:Description of this waypoint.

・Get Elevation
This function applies elevation to the selected waypoints. In order to use this, you needs to install SRTM files in advance. For more information, refer to Work with SRTM section.

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