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Manage Map Sources
GPX Binder can use TMP (Tile Map Service). You can add new maps you want to use by adding tile servers.
Note: This function requires OS X 10.9 or later.

i.g.) Using watercolor map.

How to add tile servers
Show the Preferences Panel of GPX Binder (⌘ - ,) > Map tab. And click button under the Map Sources List.

Fill the fields of the sheet.
  • Name: The name of tile server. This will be shown on the Map Source Menu.
  • Tile URL: URL of the tile server. For more informations, please refer next section.
  • Copyright: Copyright string of the map tiles. This string will be shown at the left-bottom corner of the map. This may be specified by the tile server. If it is not needed, leave this field blank.
  • License URL: URL of the page where the license of the map is written. This page will be shown by clicking copyright string. This may be specified by the tile server. If it is not needed, leave this field blank.
Click OK button and close the sheet. Select "Map" menu > "Map Source" > Tile Server you added, and make sure that new titles are displayed on the map.

Map Tile Server
URL of the map tile servers is specified like below:{x}/{y}/{z}

GPX Binder assigns the coordinate of the map for x, y, z fields and gets tiles from the server. So you have to obey this format.

How to remove tile servers
Select tile server on the Map Source list and click button under the list, so selected server will be removed.

Note: If you want to remove servers temporarily, uncheck "use" check box of the list.

Legal Notices
Even if the URL of the tile server is published, it does not means that you can use it freely. You should read terms of use and you should add servers at your own risk.

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